SUMMARY: Factory Password for L20 Tape Jukebox

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 20:39:12 EDT
Yesterday, I wrote:

>Archives show this question has been asked before, but there's no
>Anyone know the default factory password for the StorEdge L20 DLT

Thanks to the following for their replies:

"John O'Reilly" <>
Mark Hargrave  <>
Ric Anderson <ric@Opus1.COM>
Dirk Bvnning <>
Wanke Matthias <>
Dave Floyd <>
Jay Lessert <>
Peter Evans <>
Scott Howard <>
"Will Parsons" <>

Responses differed.  Some said to try "1234" on the jukebox's front
panel.  One mentioned a Web interface. Yet another offered an alpha
password.  (The front panel has only 4 numbered buttons)

Dave (who sent me a PDF of a generic Sun DLT jukebox manual), Jay, Scott,
and Will all said there is no password set on these at all at First Customer
Ship.  The PDF Dave sent confirms this--you can grab it at

Since our jukebox demanded a password, we presume someone must've set one,
but no one will fess up.

We'd needed the password because the robotic arm was not able to return to
the Home location and we wanted to do a recalibration.

Sun service came on site and replaced both the robotic arm and the mother-
board, and we set a password while the tech was present.
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