SUMMARY: PCI 400Mhz card with Windows2000SP2

From: Marcelino Mata <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 17:16:38 EDT
Many thanks to Michael J. Connolly

He pointed out this was previously covered in SUN managers archive

I'm a little puzzled why I did not see the summary when it went out on July
15th.  As a few people asked for summary I must not be the only one.  


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Subject: PCI 400Mhz card with Windows2000SP2

All our older PCi cards (400Mhz AMD CPU) are running Windows NT 4.  Company
direction is to upgrade all Windows O/S's to Windows XP or 2000.  SUN PCi
1.3 package only officially supports Windows 2000 with service pack 1.
While we are trying service pack 2 anyway, has anyone found any serious
problems with Windows2000sp2 with the PCi 1.3 software?

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