SUMMARY: Limit to number of defaultrouters?

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 15:02:18 EDT
Gracias (thanks) to:

Brian Sherwood
Ray McCaffity
Randy Romero
William Enestvedt
Al Saenz
Darren Dunham
James Zhao
Steudten Thomas

I received interesting and varied responses. They ranged from "yes, one" to "no 
limit" - basic common sense indicates that more than 4 is not a good idea. And 
some of the responses I received made me think that perhaps my original question 
was not clear enough.

The current plan is to initialize only 2 defaultrouters for each "set" (or group 
of workstations). This number may increase in the future but we're going to 
start with just 2. The reason behind the request for multiple defaultrouters was 
so we could have a redundancy with a fail over mechanism in place, thus ensuring 
continuous ability to communicate between 2-3 sets or groups of workstations 
(all within the same subnet).

Sun's document site provides the basics on how to set up the /etc/defaultrouter 
and /etc/hosts file and so if you're interested in finding out more, check out 
Infodoc 17947.

Some responded to my second question about the tuneable parameters and which 
file should be utilized....general consensus was to use the /etc/system file 
since we're changing things that affect the kernel.

Again thanks to everyone who took the time to respond and hope you all have a 
really great week :o)


I've checked the archives, google, and Sun's doc site but could not find an 
answer to this question: is there a "limit" to the number of defaultrouters that 
can be defined for a subnet? 


In tweaking the timing parameter " tcp_ip_notify_cinterval" or 
"tcp_ip_notify_interval", would it be better to just include it in the 
/etc/rc2.d/S69inet file or in /etc/system? 

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