SUMMARY: /etc/mail/aliases problem?!

From: Giovanni Navarrette <>
Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 16:33:45 EDT
Hey everyone:

Found the problem. Thanks to Anton the suggestion, as he was correct. If you
noticed in the e-mail I sent, my mail binary was 69 bytes long. That is NOT
right, I didnt notice that before. When I did a 'cat /bin/mail', I got this:

gio@netapp:$ cat /bin/mail
/etc/mail/aliases: 445 aliases, longest 220 bytes, 16948 bytes total

It appears that the mail binary was overwritten by output from a newaliases
command. Its been like that ever since I started here..., and I was tryin to
write a script using the /bin/mail binary, and never could figure out what
was wrong. Thats the issue, I replaced the binary with a good one and it
works just fine.

Thanks to everyone who replied, gl hf, and have g'day. =D

Giovanni Navarrette
USLink Internet Systems Administrator
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