SUMMARY: Cannot bring up Ultra-10

From: Patrick O'Reilly <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 14:54:34 EDT
Thanks to:

Christopher Dupre
David Harrington
Marcelino Mata
Max Trummer
Hichael Morton
Tim Chipman
Jeff Putsch
and Reggie Beavers who said what most others said:

Sounds like it's time to call hardware support. Maybe the problem is the
graphics card. If you don't get anything on the monitor a few seconds after
power-on then try disconnecting the keyboard and attaching a dumb terminal
to the serial port (ttyA) and do a power cycle. If you still don't get any
response then it's dead, call support. If you do get to the "ok" prompt,
type "boot"

another response from willief:

What do the keyboards lights do on powr on?

they should flash on at power up, go off a few seconds, then flash again to
self test is starting.

If it's starting you can do a stop-B key and plug a dumb terminal into port A
get the diagnostic printout.

If is isn't flashing a second time showing self test start, then the module or
motherboard has a problem. Commonly the module.

Try reseating the memory and module.

If you can swap out parts, swap out the module with known good/same speed

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