SUMMARY: Upgrading Solaris on an e10k domain.. (OBP version)..

From: Vincent Cojot <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 01:41:25 EDT
Hello All,

	First I'd like to thank:
"Lumpkin, Buddy" for mentionning that the proposed procedure works but
that you must have a backup handy in case something happens to the files
under $SSPVAR/.ssp_private after the domain_remove.
"Justin Stringfellow" for also confirming that the procedure works.

However, I figured out from the ssp 3.4 answerbook that the supported
procedure is much more straightforward since you can simpy do a:

domain_rename -d <domain> -o 5.8 upgrade a domain to 5.8. I'll be using that solution.

Many thanks to all who responded; the domain_remove/domain_create
procedure provides an alternative if you have SSP 3.2 or below since the
existing domain_rename cmd cannot be used to change the OS level with
these older software packages..

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On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Vincent S. Cojot wrote:

> Hello list,
> I have a domain on an e10k that will get upgraded from solaris 2.6 to
> solaris 8. The ssp version is 3.4. Am I right that I only need the
> following:
> - save whatever needs saving.
> - shutdown 2.6 domain.
> - upgrade the OS for the domain on the main SSP (more on this later).
> - bringup the domain.
> - install a new copy of the Solaris 8 OE on the domain D1000 disks.
> >From whatever info I have gathered, I should only need to do this on the
> SSP:
> - "domain_remove -d <domain>"  (answer "y" when it prompts you to keep the
> directories).
> - "domain_create -d <domain> -o 5.8"
> I have just tested this under SSP 3.2, it appears that you don't need to
> specify the SB list because you are just re-creating the domain with a new
> OS level (this will result in a different OBP assembly when you "bringup"
> the domain, I guess). I wonder if this is still the case under SSP 3.4.
> Am I forgetting something on the SSP? All comments are welcome and I will
> summarize..
> Vincent (
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