SUMMARY: Process Size.

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Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 15:49:07 EDT
Many Thanks to
Casper Dik.
Martin Hepworth
Rugman, Rob
Wanke Matthias
Nasser K . Manesh
Kanchan Wadhwa
Ian Camm
Jay Lessert

Most people started out asking me to check whether it was a 32-bit or 64
bit-process(i guess the 4GB limit prompted that).

I was also asked to check "ulimit" values.

Casper and Jay asked me to look at swapping on the machine too.

/tmp on the machine was almost "full" and i had the option to reboot the
machine(and the machine needed to be fixed fast) so i figured i would
reboot it and if everything worked great, if it didnt i would delve into
the problem deeper.

As Jay apatly put it "I'm sure you'll get another chance to find it two
days before tape-out, on a Friday at 6pm, right?  :-)"

Many thanks to all.

Here is my original post.

>I have an Sun-Blade-1000 with 8G of memory, running Solaris 8.
>A hercules(physical characterization) job that we run here seems to be
>dying at 2G process size always.

>Could someone point to towards some pointers, that i could use to check
>how much memory i can allocate to a single process on this machine.
>I guess maybe i should write a c program that does a malloc to see until
>what size the process grows.

> I have been looking at pmap to see where the libraries are getting
> mapped, and i have the stacksize set to 8192K.

> Any pointers will be appreciated.

> Thanks,
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