SUMMARY: DiskSuite Question

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Date: Sun Jul 21 2002 - 19:51:23 EDT
Thanks to everyone who replied:
Martin Schmitt
Andrew Woodhouse
Dirk Bvnning
Randy Romero
Hichael Morton
Scott Croft
Matthew Stier
Thomas Jones
Michael Keplinger
Valeriy Glinskiy
sysadmin @ <some place in .se>

Basically all agreed that it is possible to mirror a smaller partition onto
a larger partition, but it is not best practice, and is more annoying to
set up (because you can't use "prtvtoc" and "fmthard" to automatically
format the disks).  Of course you waste the extra space on the larger
partition, as it will become part of a smaller metapartition.

Two other interesting points which I haven't verified yet:
*   Valeriy Glinskiy  says that if your smaller disk dies you'll have to
replace it with one the size of the larger disk, since you can't mirror the
larger (originally the mirror) disk onto a smaller one.  Which makes sense,
unless "metareplace" can do it for you?
*   Scott Croft says that Sun will not support you if you use different
size disks.

So basically it seems the consensus is that it is possible, but is not a
good idea for mission critical servers.


Original question:
>I must admit that the ease and speed of getting answers from this mailing
>list is making me lazy!
>Just another DiskSuite question:
>I distinctly remember being told by someone who should know, some time
>that when your'e setting up DiskSuite mirroring, both disks should be the
>same geometry.  Is this correct ?  I've tried it on a test machine,
>mirroring a smaller disk to a larger disk (where each partition was
>in both size and block numbers) and it seemed to work fine, although I
>didn't try recovering from the larger disk, only the smaller one.
>Is my understanding correct, that you can mirror to a disk as long as the
>partitions you're mirroring are the same size or larger in both size and
>block number?  Or was what I heard correct ?
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