SUMMARY E3500 not seeing some of its internal drives

From: Gert-Jan Hagenaars <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 21:58:37 EDT
Hi all,

My thanks to:

Justin Stringfellow for confirming that probe-fcal-all would prove to be

William Enestvedt for providing some more information on what things are
supposed to look like and the following two links for drive information, and general
information about the 3500

Vikas Khator for a suggestion (that drives get their power from the
fibre channel) that I was going to pursue after my musical chair dance
with fibre cables and plugs.

probe-fcal-all showed both sbus-es, but only populated the lower plane.
I swapped the fibre patch cords around: no change.  I swapped the GBIC
plugin modules (or whatever they're called) on the IO board (between 0
and 1): no change.  I moved the GBIC modules from LA to LB and UA to UB,
and no change (well... the machine wouldn't boot any more, but I still
only saw the same disks).  I swapped the GBIC modules between LA and UA,
and now I saw the upper plane.

Note: if you're swapping fibre patch cords around, and probe-fcal-all,
you might end up with a hung machine (from the ok prompt, so not a BIG
big deal...).  Sometimes it might look like it's hung, but it returns
after a couple of minutes.  Sometimes moving a cable is not as
hot-swappable as you might like.  The secret is not to freak when all
your drives disappear after you've made a change...

Anyway: it seems like I need a new rinky-dink fibre module insert whammy
(or whatever they're called).

Apparently, Gert-Jan Hagenaars wrote:
% Hi all,
% We have an E3500 at work, and it is only seeing the SCSI CDrom, and the
% bottom plane of (four) harddrives.  The drives in the top plane are not
% seen by the OS (they were before).  The box has not been moved, but it
% has been reinstalled (with Solaris 8).  Doing a "boot -r" from the ok
% prompt didn't make a difference.  Swapping the "unseen" drives to a spot
% in the lower plane does make them available, so the drives are not the
% problem.
% I'm planning do to a "probe-fcal-all" from the ok prompt at my next
% maintenance window.
% Supposedly there are _two_ fibre interfaces to the top plane for
% redundancy, but I don't know how to verify that.
% I'm looking for suggestions on how to troubleshoot this thing (I have a
% screwdriver and a leatherman, and I'm not afraid to use them...)
% CHeers,
% Gert-Jan.


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