SUMMARY: Possibly O/T: Commercial Support for IP Filter on Solaris...

From: Ryan A. Krenzischek <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 11:09:16 EDT
Hi Sunmanagers!

Here is a summary of what replies I received.  Thanks to all who replied.

Moti Levy responded with:

I  build freebsd vpn and ipfilter gateways for money .
check my website

Wade Stuart responded with:

      What I would do in your situation is to get them to budget for 2
hours of service time from your trusty VAR.  You do all the pre work in
setting it up and documenting it well, then have the VAR come in with the
task of documenting it so they can support it in a future call if need be.
Take the two hours to walk over it with them (I know its not brain surgery
-- two hours is probably too much) and their deliverable will be the
documentation that they would need to come in on a future call and make
changes or fix the system.  If they are to bill you for the deliverable
they will have no ground to stand on to overcharge come the need for them
to support the install.  In general the only thing you need to do to make
_free products_ supportable is to document the install and config (and the
reasons behind the config) very well. I would suggest a changelog that is
updated no matter how insignificant the change to the system may seem.

Mike responded with:

Sun offers SunScreen --full version at a cost so you probably can get
support from Sun.

Brett Lymn responded with:

Have you tried contacting Darren Reed directly?

Original Message:

> Greetings Sunmanagers!
> Does anyone possibly know if there is a vendor that provides commercial
> support for IP Filter running on Solaris.  Is there another BSD distro
> that runs IP Filters that would be supported commercially?
> Basically, I am encountering a road block with management.  They want to
> have some one to call in the case their IP Filter expert got run over
> by a Reindeer.
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