SUMMARY: netra t1 serial port login oddity

From: Leslie Connally <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 00:21:53 EDT
Thanks to those who replied and try to help! Some focused on the netras
serial port settings, either OS or OpenBoot. Others on the Lantronix
Config. But the solution was so much more mundane than we all thought!

Finally discovered it when I tried again a direct connect with tip..
console limbo here too! no login  very odd..

Answer: Serial Port ribbon cable to MB was not well seated !

I had upgraded the memory just the other day. And had disconnected the
little ribbon cable. I want to assure all you whose time I wasted, it
certainly _looked_ well seated, and the connector latches _were_ latched..
but obviously it was not seated well enough!!  An assertive reseat of both
ends, and everything is working well.

((PS: Lantronix: this was [Incident 020714-000008]))

There were other seeming confusing related diagnostic anomilies, but these
must be chalked up to coincidence and unrelated issues.

I am grateful to all.

Les Connally

original question:
>Any netra users?
>When the netra t1 is connected directly to another suns serial port from
>the netra's serial 1, I can (via tip hardwire) talk to both and toggle
>between both the netra'a LOM> as well as going to regular serial login (via
>#.) prompt
>HOWEVER when I connect the netra to the terminal server, I can only talk to
>the LOM> . If I do a LOV>console.. I get thrown into vastlimbo. Oddly
>though, I can do a blind #. and return to LOM> from the limbo.
>Any ideas?
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