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From: Erwin B. Mendoza <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 05:46:15 EDT
Hello Everyone:

Many thanks to all who replied to my query, namely;
  * Jon Haworth
  * Riddoch, John E SITI-ITDSEP3
  * Rahul Parasnis
  * Kai-Thorsten Hambrecht
  * Martin Hepworth
  * Frank Naumann

I think all the replies would be enough in my question to solved my query.
Most of them suggested to redirect (>) all of the output of the cronjob to the

Here's one of the Explanation and Example I've received:
     Cron will only send a mail if the commands used produce some output on
     stdout or stderr, so you only have to redirect stdout and stderr to

          59 23 * * * ( cd /your/home/ ; ./ ) >>/dev/null

But, one of the reply I had received is creating a .forward at the home
Here's the explanation:

     Create .forward file in the home directory of root user with your address
in it  .
     Those mails will come to you , this way you will come to know the result of
     the job and will not occupy the space.

My Questions was:
Platform: E250
OS: Solaris 8

I would like to seek an assistance for a scripts of my mail in /var/mail. I
have some scripts in crontab which runs by the root users. I've seen that
everytime the scripts from the crontab runs, it's sends an email for the
user which it indicates the activities of the script. Therefore, if that's
the way that the crontab are doing, it might be possible that it can
produces a large space from my hard disk.

Could anyone provide me a script that would delete the mail on my mailbox.

Thanks and more power.......

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