SUMMARY: Jumpstart

From: Brendan Doherty <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 04:07:31 EDT
Many thanks for the responses. Special  thanks to Dale Hirchert who pointed
out that the jumpstart directory should be shared out with read permissions
only and not read write. Once I had reloaded the jumpstart directory
everything worked perfectly.

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From: Brendan Doherty 
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Subject: Jumpstart

I am trying to jumpstart a box to Solaris8, the initial kernel revision
comes up as 108528-07. Once the box is built /etc/TIMEZONE gives TZ=PST8PDT
even though the sysidcfg file is set as GB-Eire. 
Checking the sysidtool.log in /var/sadm/system it confirms
"set_env_timezone: GB-Eire". Anyone know why this is happening ?
On a separate note the network cards numbers also seem to be incrementing,
what was hme0 on a 2.6 build becomes hme2 on the Solaris8.
Thank you in advance

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