****Summary:- Trunking Quad Ethernet Ports***

From: Saravanan C S <cssaru_at_miel.mot.com>
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 01:12:16 EDT
Hi All

My Original Posting Was

Hi Sun Experts

Can any one suggest me what is the Software/Product is required which
can do Trunking of Sun Quad Ethernet Ports(qfe0,qfe1,qfe2,qfe3) to a
L2/L3 Switch as a single pipe of 400Mbps throughput.

Is the Software/Product is commercially available or freeware or
available as Part of Solaris OS.

Is IP Network Multipathing which comes along with Solaris 8 can do
Trunking of Quad Ethernet Ports(4nos), if so let me know where I can
find the Documents for Configuring it.

My sincere thanks go to :-

1. Justin Stringfellow 2. Jez Ahl 3. Riddoch, John E SITI 4. Dale
Hirchert 5. Broderick, Sean 6. alex avriette 7. Nathan Dietsch 8. Chintu

9.  Paul Greidanus 10. Steve Beuttel 11.  Darren Dunham 12. John

Most of them were suggesting to use Sun Trunking Software which is a
Commercial Product of SUN. As far, IP MultiPathing is concerned, it is a
load balancing and provides failover of a Network Interface.

I thank once again to all who responded to this.


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