SUMMARY: easy mail, mailx question

From: Vlade <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 11:25:34 EDT
Got a ton of responses, quickly all were good. The first good ones I got were
Dirk Bvnning
Keplinger, Michael
John Timon
Rick Waegner
Scott Croft

The consensus was that mail, mailx uses the local MTA running on port 25. Most
people , such as me, use sendmail so the relay is in the I did
not have my mailserver specified in that file so I was still stumped on how I
was able to send outgoing mail never having edited the file. Dirk Bvnning had
the solution since sendmail uses mailhost.<my domain> as default and my
company's mail server has this DNS record .


Original question
When I use the mail or mailx command to send a mail message from the command
line or script, how does mail know which mail server to use. Can be it
specified and if it is in a config file which file is it and where is it. It
didn't say in "man mail".
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