Summary: Failure of SNMP patch 106787 Solaris 2.6

From: Martin Meadows <>
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 11:17:09 EDT
Thanks to the following folks for sending feedback: 

From: Scott Howard <>
From: David Foster <>
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From: Baranyai Pal <>

I did check the patch README file but was a little confused by it. 
The original question is at the end of this file.

Martin Meadows

> >
> >Patch 106787-18 is for SNMP version 1.0.3 ONLY.  Odds are you have
> >an older version installed.  You'll need to download the new version
> >(it's on the SUn website somewhere), pkgrm the version you currently
> >have installed and then pkgadd the new version.  Once you've done this
> >you should be able to apply the patch
> >
> >patchadd checks not only that you have the correct packages, but also
> >that you have the correct versions of those packages.
> >


Did you check the patch README?

According to it this patch requires package SUNWsasdk.


Make sure that "Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0.3" is installed.  The patch
failed for me also, and then I installed (re-installed?) v1.0.3.   After that 
the patch installed without a hitch.


You apparently need to download a newer version of the snmp agents
from some place and then patch it.



Special Install Instructions:
IMPORTANT: This patch is not compatible with SDK agents built prior to
patch 106956-03. These agents must be recompiled using mibcodegen from
patch 106956-03 or greater.
This patch is for SEA version 1.0.3
See SEA web page, if you need to add toolkit sdk (SUNWsasdk package)


And here's the original question:

I never saw any answers to the following post and I never saw
a summary. I'm experiencing the same problem with patch
106787-18 for Solaris 2.6. Can anyone help?

Martin Meadows

>Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 19:15:09 -0400
>I've a Ultra 60 box running Solaris 2.6. This system
>is our HP Openview management platform. I've been
>trying to roll in the SNMP security patch recently
>released, 106787-18 for 2.6. The patch fails to
>install with the error code indicating missing packages
>for the patch. All required packages are in fact
>I've tried the latest release of patchadd which came
>with one of the patches in the security and recommended
>patch set.  Still no luck. We've shut the management
>station down until we can get this patched because
>this port is reachable from public IP space.
>Any advice welcome. Thanks, TW
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