SUMMARY: solstice backup 5.5.3 problem restoring from clone

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 10:28:49 EDT

I had to make sure that the tape pool for your clone tape is defined on your
server. Once I added it to the server, I was able to mount the tapes.


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I recently was asked to get a copy of some data from certain dates.  So,
I found which saveset id's I needed, and used the nsrclone command
to clone these ssid's.  I did this on our backup server, which is
running Solaris 7, Solstice Backup 5.5.3 Build 262/extended, and
a Sun library with DLT7000 tapes (I forget the library model..)

So, in order to verify that I really have the data that I need on my
clone tapes, I put the clone tapes into our old backup server (running
Solaris 2.6,  Solstice Backup 5.5.3 Build 262/turbo, and a Sun library with
DLT7000 tapes (l3500). I used the scanner command to scan in the tapes.
This seemed to work ok.. I could see these tapes in the "volumes" window
and I see the filesystems in the "volumes" window too.  

However, when I try to use the recover command, or simply just mount
the tape, nwadmin keeps saying that it's trying to verify the label
on the tape.   But it won't mount, thus I can't recover from the tape.

I opened a ticket with Sun, and they told me that I have to update the
st driver(s) on both machines.  But I'm not 100% convinced that
this is the problem.

Has anyone tried to restore from a tape by putting the tape into
a different backup server?  What is the process that you used? Any
idea's of what's going on with my machine?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Nicole Skyrca
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