SUMMARY: Moving Disk Suite devices from one controller to another

From: Kwan, William <>
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 12:26:53 EDT
I got only one reply from "Mike's List" only.
Well, we pay Sun for support.  I called Sun and got an Infodoc from them.  I
haven't read it yet.  :)

The doc ID is 11039. If you want me email you the whole thing, let me know.

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> Background:
> ===========
> We have a E220R installed with Solaris 8.  Since we rushed to get the
> going, we connected a Sun S1 Disk array to the external SCSI connection.
> used Disk Suite to mirror the two external drives on the S1.
> To take advantage of the full bus speed, we decided to get a SCSI3 LVD
> for the machine.  We brought an Antares PCI card (BTW, only $7xx compares
> Sun's $15xx, and it is certified by SUN).
> Questions:
> ===========
> Disks managed by metadevice are c1t0d0 and c1t1d0.  If I put the SCSI
> adaptor in the system, the disks will become c2t0d0 and c2t1d0.  How can I
> update Disk Suite reference nicely with breaking any software installed on
> the external drives?
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