SUMMARY: Solaris 7 won't take /etc/defaultrouter

From: <>
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 09:44:51 EDT
Hi all-

Good news... Thanks to Casper Dik for pointing me in the right 
direction... After checking to
make sure that the routing sockets /etc/rts had the right name_to_major 
mappings I checked
the /etc/inittab to make sure it ran soconfig:

ap::sysinit:/sbin/soconfig -f /etc/sock2path

But, although /etc/sock2path existed /etc/inet/sock2path did not! Link 
no good. Also, I was
missing the /etc/inet/protocols.

So, I recreated those files and did a boot -r for good measure and all 
is well.. The fsck was
run on one side of the mirror after booting from the cd when recovering, 
then we rebooted,
let the mirror sync. But, it looks like some files were damaged/lost 
including these two.

I will be installing a fresh version of Solaris 8 soon to get this box 
more stable...

Mike Wilkinson
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