SUMMARY: memory size for disk management (fwd)

From: Kevin Metzger <>
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 09:41:47 EDT
Thanks to:
Rick Waegner
Christophe Dupre
Kevin Buterbaugh
John Eisenschmidt
for replies.  The consencious is memory allocation will not be reduced by the
SAN.  CPU cycles should be reduced, more so if I were running software RAID or
SDS to manage disks.  

For those wondering about the validity of my question, I was reaching.
I've talked myself blue trying to get budget for RAID for data survivability
and redundancy reasons and a SAN for reduced management and growth.  I was
looking for one more line item in the improved performance catagory.

Anyone that has been in my spot trying to get a budget aproved for a SAN that
would be several times more expensive than the server that attaches to it and
wants to share comments oro suggestions, I'm all ears.

As always, thanks to everyone for being a fantastic resource.

Kevin Metzger
Systems Administrator
Progressive Medical, Inc.

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Subject: memory size for disk management

In an effort to justify a SAN, I would like to quantify the amount of memory
the system is dedicating to disk IO.  It is a 220R running Solaris 8 and
Oracle.  Our database memory allocation is already greater than the 2G that is
installed and I'm hoping to make the case that something like a EMC FC4700
would extend the usable life of the server(s) attached since their load would
no longer include managing disks.  Any methods or suggestions are welcome.

Kevin Metzger
Systems Administrator
Progressive Medical, Inc.
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