SUMMARY: Solaris & SVR4 login features

From: Petersen, Dwight <>
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 08:48:08 EDT
Verdict is unanimous (although not real specific but neither was I).  Some
where I have left something out of the chroot environment the libraries are
likely culprits.  I'll have to try again.

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Subject: Solaris & SVR4 login features

I am a little short of success trying to implement a feature of SVR4
mentioned by Garfinkel & Spafford in Practical UNIX Security.  (p 254).
This feature allows setting up a restricted environment by putting an
asterisk in field 7 of the password entry which causes /bin/login to call
chroot with the contents of field 6 of the password file.  Using the
intructions for setting up anonymous ftp for a loose guide, and abandoning
CDE, and that sort of thing, I am successful to the point that /bin/login
executes the chroot and announces the location for the new root.  Shortly
there after, I get a malloc error.  This I have not been able to get around.
Does anyone use this feature? Or know how to use it.  I will, of course,
post a summary.  Thanks
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