SUMMARY: Routing NFS traffic over a specific interface...

From: Henrik Schmiediche <>
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 16:43:51 EDT
here was my query:

  I want to assign different types of network traffic (NFS vs. say HTTP) to
different NIC's on my Sunfire 280R. How do I do this? This was a crude
attempt at load balancing.

The answer is:

  You don't. If the NIC's are on the same network the above make little
sense since both NIC's would be competing for access to the same ethernet
and so little would be gained. There are exception to this (ie. high network
traffic where the NIC's are physically maxed out), but this is the general

I have, however, found a better solution. Solaris 8 allows you to set up a
virtual NIC so that you can create redundancy using your two physical NIC's.
This is far better than what I had originally intended to do. Not only that,
Solaris will load balance between the two NIC's (though as stated this only
rarely gains you something). So, if one NIC goes down the other one takes
over---transparently. Here is a description of how to do this on Solaris 8:

Thanks to all who answered my email.

   -Henrik Schmiediche
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