SUMMARY: 0: Event not found

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 13:28:12 EDT
Many thanks to the following:

Mark Hargrave
Sullivan, Richard
Randy Romero
Larry Snyder
dennis riddick
Michael Hocke 
Ray Brownrigg
Barry Roomberg
Dennis Martens
Davorin Bengez


The following has been occurring on a user's box (Ultra5/Solaris 8/current 

In opening a terminal window, the first line reads: 0: Event not found

It appears that the user's .cshrc file is not being sourced correctly as the 
pre-defined aliases are not recognized. The user has to manually source the file 
in each terminal window.


Consensus was that somewhere there was a "!0" or something calling a "!" in one 
of the files. I traced the problem to an entry in the user's .alias file - once 
the problem there was fixed, everything else fell in place.

Muchas gracias/Danke/Merci/Thanks,

Deborah Santomauro
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