Summary: Serial access to E450 using Hyperterminal

From: Lennon, Padraig <>
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 11:36:53 EDT
The answer of course is: 
Use a null modem cable and the default hyperterminal settings..

Thanks to everyone who replied... 
(At time of writing)
Darren Dunham
Grant Lowe
Daniel Zhuang
Richard Sullivan 
Bryan Moore
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> Subject:	Serial access to E450 using Hyperterminal
> Hi gurus,
> Does anyone know what are the steps required for connecting a laptop using
> hyperterminal to a Sun serial port?
> I have a standalone headless E220R that i want to access.
> I will summerize,
> Thanks,
> -Padraig  

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