[Nearly Summary] Solaris 9 Invalid install boot

From: Very Pinguin <dt1649651_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Jul 06 2002 - 03:05:05 EDT
Hi all, I say "Nearly summary" because I believe now I
am able to solve my problem but I 've not tried. Both
of my servers ( the install server and another Netra
X1 are temporarily out of my control because of
networking problem ). I will make a real summary when
I make a real practise with them.

Anyway, thanks a lot to Casper Dik, Scott Howard and
Justin Stringfellow who have reminded me that the CD1
has two partitions, espcially to the interesting URL
of Scott. I think I may change a little the method of
specifying the size of the first partition s0, by
using df -k to specify the first partition of the CD.
( this number will be used for iseek of dd command as
explained in the above URL. I may be wrong. I need to
get in touch with my servers first.

Thanks again,

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