summary: E220R missing hme0

From: Lawrence Cheong <>
Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 23:14:20 EDT
Thank you VERY MUCH to all gurus for their time and effort...I love this
mailing list...

Casper Dik
Eric Shafto
Graham Wood
Hichael Morton
Kumar, Prem S
Paul Wilkinson
Pierre Zimmermann
Rick Place
Rick Waegner
Svren Schaper
Steudten Thomas (KTPZ 2)
system administration account <> ;)
tony bourke

/etc/device_aliases was missing! So even drvconfig can't fix the missing
interface. How this can happen with a power failure? This server had no
history of device changes, so I just replaced /etc/device_aliases from the
OE CD...took me about 5 hours of accumulated works to find this out.

I should have mentioned that I did 'ifconfig hme0 plumb' in my first e-mail.
This gave me 'hme0: No such interface or address'.
'modinfo | grep hme' did not give me anything, and I have pkgrm and
'pkgadd -d ./ SUNWhmd' and 'pkgadd -d ./ SUNWhmdu'.
'prtconf | grep network' gave it ALL AWAY with its message 'network (driver
not attached)', when it SHOULD have been 'network (instance #0)'...

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