SUMMARY: ftp transfer fails

From: Vic Engle <>
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 16:27:17 EDT
Thanks for all the responses. The answer that helped to correct the 
problem was Chintu's suggestion to investigate MTU. We found that 
setting MTU to 1300 solved the problem. Other responders suggested 
tinkering with MTU and verifying that the nic wasn't set to 
autonegotiate. Thanks again for the assistance.


Here is Chintu's suggestion.

Chintu wrote:

> Well.. I have seen similar problem when one of the router in the 
> middle of the path does not handle different MTU size properly...
> to fix the problem in the right way, you need to check which router ( 
> could be the VPN, ppp etc ) is doing this.
> quick way to fix this is to reduce the MTU size on the interface on 
> the SUN box..
> eg.
> ifconfig hme0 mtu 600
> ( for the hme0 interface )
> normal mtu for the ethernet is 1500.
> Hope this helps.
> ..Chintu
> Vic Engle wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I have a problem transfering files to Sun servers via FTP when the 
>> network path is provided in part by a Cisco3000 VPN concentrator. The 
>> customer connects to the sun box and logs in but when the customer 
>> PUTs a large file on the server, the ftp proc on the Sun server opens 
>> the destination filehandle and then hangs. If the customer PUTs a 1k 
>> file, everything is OK. This is failing on both an old sparc4 and a 
>> New Ultra10 both running Solaris2.6.
>> I've snooped and trussed the ftp proc and believe the connection is 
>> dropping.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Vic
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