Summary: Netmask problem

From: Joe Fletcher <>
Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 18:27:55 EDT
 Hi All,

Thanks go to Graham Wood, Vlade and D Collier for showing me the light where
network masks are concerned.

The syntax I require in /etc/netmasks should be




> Started a new job yesterday with some nice new toys so here we go.
> I've got a couple of V880s; Solaris 8,  soon to be running VCS, Oracle
> a couple of other bits.
> In these V880s there are 2 QFEs. QFE0 and QFE1 are to be used for public
> network traffic. 3 and 7 will be used for VCS heartbeat traffic. We're
> trying to configure QFE0 and QFE1 onto different subnets.
> Lets say QFE0 should have address netmask
> Lets say QFE1 should have address netmask
> We thought /etc/netmasks should read thus:
> However this produces an incorrect mask after restart.
> Can anyone tell me exactly what I should have in /etc/netmasks to achieve
> the appropriate values after reboot.
> Currently we end up with QFE1 having an netmask of (ff000000).
> workaround has been to add a script into the rc3 startup which manually
> resets the mask.
> I've trolled the archives and not found anything which fits exactly. The
> closest scenario didn't have a summary solution posted.
> Some interesting arguments too....
> Any hints gratefully accepted.
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