SUMMARY: prtconf -vp not showing correct disk/slot info on an E450

From: Johan Soderberg <>
Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 10:45:04 EDT
Hi everyone and thanks for your help.

It turned out that the problem with the E450 was because of a wrongly
configured "Disk Slot Association", Thanks to Carl Smith <> and Andreas Sendrowski <> for pointing me to this document.

Matthew Stier <> wrote a very good
explanation of how the disk and slot numbering works.

I've taken the freedom to include his mail.

--- Matthew Stier wrote:

This will take some troubleshooting on your part.

Slots 0 through 3 are connected to the internal SCSI bus, and will
always show up as c0t[0-3].

The remaining slots are also in the same pattern of targets 0 through 3.

c?t0  00 04 08 12 16
c?t1  01 05 09 13 17
c?t2  02 06 10 14 18
c?t3  03 07 11 15 19

In the above table, the first column is the internal SCSI controller,
which is always C0.

The column starting with slot 04, is typically C4, and the column
starting with slot 08 is typically C5.
The column starting with slot 12, is typically C2, and the column
starting with slot 16 is typically C3.

I say typically, because these are the typical values when the system is
assembled by Sun, and no additional SCSI controllers are installed
before OS installation.

I have a system where I installed the drive cages and controllers, which
resulted in the controller numbers being reversed.

And I have had systems, where a host adapter for an external disk array
has confused the controller ordering even further.

The only way I have found of being sure, is to boot the system in single
users, and pull drive 04 and run 'format' to confirm which one is
missing. I repeat this proceedure with drive 12 to make sure.

Note: Due to the cages being driven by dual SCSI host adapters, slots
08-11 will always the controller following slots 04-07 and slots 16
through 19 will aways be the controller following slots 12 through 15.


On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 13:39, Johan Soderberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm administrating an E450 and I'm trying to find out which slot is
> occupied by which drive. In the Platform Notes they are using the
> command prtconf -vp to find out which drive is occupying which slot.
> When I'm running this command I get totaly wrong information. First of
> all it's only showing 4 of 6 occupied slots and second of all it's
> showing the wrong slot number.
> I've been doing some research about this matter but haven't had any
> success. Have anyone got this working and if you have, how?
> Thanks in advance,
> Johan Svderberg
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