SUMMARY: corrupted

From: Jones, Elizabeth (NMCC) <>
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 10:00:18 EDT
I was unsuccessful in fixing the corrupted problem. I tried booting
cd and then copied /etc/lib/ over to /usr/lib/ and rebooted
the box
but the problem was still there (every command complained that it couldn't
access I had a tarball of /usr/lib and we then tried tarring that out
over the
existing usr/lib and rebooted, and that gave us a segmentation fault for
command after we rebooted. Eventually the box locked up completely and I
able to do anything on it. We had a SUN support tech come out to look at it
he said that the problem was due to the fact that we had veritas volume
doing disk mirroring. He said when I mounted the rootdisk after booting from
and then overwrote, the mirrored disk was no longer properly
mirrored and
at that point it became impossible to recover the box. We ended up
the OS and all the apps. Not sure if he was right about veritas or not, but
that point reinstalling seemed like the easiest way to get the box back up.

Elizabeth Jones
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(913) 227-1524
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