SUMMARY: OT: MS Exchange Client for Solaris?

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 10:15:34 EDT
The overwhelming suggestion was to use "connectors" and the favourite was
Ximian's Evolution.

Other notable suggestions was just using Web Access to the M$ Exchange Infra
(Outlook for the Web..)

Thanks all.

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> Subject:	OT: MS Exchange Client for Solaris?
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> Are their Solaris based clients that can communicate with an MS Exchange
> infrastructure with full calendaring and groupware functions (ala
> OutLook)? Are the mail clients that come with KDE, Gnome and StarOffice
> able to handle not only mail but scheduler and calendar functions?
> Reason I ask is that it had become increasingly difficult for
> organizations to provide both an NT/2000 and a UNIX workstation on
> sysadmin's cubes. and AFAIK, the only real reason to have NT/2000 is for
> mail/groupware infrastructure which is still very much an MS thingy...
> Thanks.
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