SUMMARY: ACL for Flexlm

From: Gnanagurusamy B <>
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 03:25:39 EDT
Thanks to all responded
Michael Knox <>|
Vlade <>|
Wesley Wannemacher <>|
Pierre Zimmermann <>|

and my purpose was solved by

Matthew Stier <>

we can't restrict useraccess through port, but with license daemon 
options file, we can restrict users to access.

which is INCLUDEALL GROUP <group name> will help

most of them are recommended to use TCP wrappers for restrict 
access ports.

My original question was
Gnanagurusamy B wrote:

>ACL :  Access Control List
>We are running one floating flexlm license manager through a
>particular port.
>To access the license we used to set environment variable
>in a particular user's profile.
>Is it possible to restrict access this "PORT" particular user
>group/ids ?
>Also from the remote machine / remote users also, can we able 
>restrict access to this "PORT" ?
>Any help is appreciated.
>Thanks & Regards

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