Summary: NFS Mounts Intermittently Slow on Solaris 2.7

From: Mark Hargrave <>
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 14:47:55 EDT
The problem was with one particular server that was missing
kernel patch 2.6 KJP 105181-32.  I installed the patch and
the problem went away.

There was no network hardware problems.  This is what my 
Lan Ops. person had to say:

"Recently a slow backup through a NFS mount was reported by our UNIX system
administrator. Sniffer traces showed a constant retransmission state between 
two nodes at the connection layer. With the NFS mount removed a remote copy 
of about 12mb took no longer than the blink of an eye. With no lower layer 
errors found it was obvious to me that there were upper layer issues, not 
being a big UNIX person I wasn't sure where in the system to look. Apparently 
some pathches were applied, I suspect that one had something to do with the 
Net Card driver and that corrected the problem. There must have been some 
issues between the upper layers and the TCP stack that is bound to the network 

Original Problem:
> I'm utilizing Veritas NetBackup NFS feature on a Sun E450 
> running Solaris 2.7 to backup our remote servers.  I'm
> also running the latest recommend Sun OS patches.
> I'm noticing at times that the NFS mounts are slow and are
> not taking advantage of the networks band width.  I've
> been working with our network group and they don't see
> any problems with the network, as usual.
> When I'm experiencing the slow NFS mount to a particular
> server, I can mount the same partition on another server
> in the area and the data flies by with no slowness.
> The problem seems directed mostly to one particular server
> at times, but I see the backup times to other servers taking
> extremely long some days, and running fast the other days.
> Any ideas or suggestions is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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