Summary: Adding a second route

From: David Baldwin <>
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 12:56:28 EDT
Original question:

How to add a second route that will stick between reboots


Route add -net destination gateway

And add an rc script or add command to existing inet rc script.

It seems that there are other ways to do this of course.  Apparently the
/etc/defaultrouters file can take more that one router but the man page
is spare on describing how to specify what router to use for which net.
Also there is a file /etc/gateways but that looks like it is only used
for routing when the system is the router instead of just pointing to
another router for an alternate gateway.

Adding the rc script seems to be standard procedure for pretty much

Thanks again to the many, many admins who replied (too many to list)

Dave Baldwin
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