Summary: NDD Settings

From: David Baldwin <>
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 11:08:23 EDT
Original question:

What does the adv mean in the ndd settings.  Having trouble with
auto-neg with a Cisco switch.


You don't need to/can't set anything but the adv_....  adv_XXX_cap means
"advertise some capability", and the params that are not preceded by adv
are the negotiated parameters from the remote device (Please correct me
if I got this wrong).

One important note that I overlooked - the command line setting of ndd
params is temporary and permanent settings need to be entered into


Cisco and Sun are notorious for this, always hardcode in this situation.

Set the autoneg param last so the system can go and negotiate after all
settings have been input.

Thanks go to:

Anand Chouthai

Sean Burke

Steven Haywood

Jez Ahl

Jon Andrews

Okan Demirmen

Peter Kunst

Philip Miller

Terry Gardner

Tony Irvine

There was interest in whether or not this will fix the problem.  So,
after I schedule the change and complete it I will try to get in a
second summary with the results.

Thanks again

Dave Baldwin
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