Summary: Script to check for memory config on E420R/Ultra 80

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 16:26:04 EDT
Thanks to many respondents from the list who provided
feedbacks to my question.

A couple of people (Jay Lessert and Yura Pismerov)
reported that the utility "memconf" (written by Tom
Schmidt from Micron) worked for them on their E420.
Dave Harrington suggested using "psrinfo" (which
doesn't give out a lot of info. as compared to 
"prtdiag -v"

Perhaps, a reply from Tom Schmidt (the author)
summarizes it best:
As memconf reports, the Open Boot PROM of the Ultra 80
and E420R systems does not let Sun's prtconf and
prtdiag commands report the memory accurately.  I have
talked with Sun about this and they confirm it is an
OBP bug, but have no plans to correct
it at this time.  So I am not aware of any utility
that can accurately report the memory in these systems
any better than what my memconf utility does.
Please make sure you are using the latest release of
memconf available for free download from my web site
It will print an appropriate warning if it makes a
"guess" about how memconf thinks the memory is

Tom L. Schmidt, Manager/SysAdmin Characterization
Micron Technology, Inc.
8000 S. Federal Way  P.O. Box 6  Mail Stop 376  Boise,
Idaho USA  83707-0006
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