Summary: How to avoid spam mail (revisited)

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 12:09:42 EDT
Thanks to many people who responded.
Most recommended looking up the following websites:

Use procmail at

There are some spam avoidance code examples at 

Spam Prevention Early Warning System:

Spam Cop Blocking List information:

After the summary was posted, Richard Bond,
and Thomas W. Holt, Jr were kind enough to mention 
that Spam Assassin (tm) worked very well for them.

Spam Assassin is available at:

One can look at past Spam Assassin archives at:

or subscribe to the Spam Assassin mailing list at:

Last but not least, there is a bunch of anti-spam
procmail links (as suggested by Fabrice Guerini which
is very useful:

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