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From: Rodrigo G <>
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 14:28:37 EDT
Thanks to: 
    Hong, Mike
    Pardy, Brian

I'll do some testings.
thanks again!

Here are both answers:

In older versions of Veritas Cluster Server such as 1.1.1, I believe
default behavior upon encountering certain events is to panic the
server.  If, for 
example, a new server shows up on the private cluster network with the
same node 
number as a system currently in the cluster, the original box will
panic and 
reboot.  Depending on how many links to the private network you have,
it may be 
possible that this server lost all of its private network links
and panic()'d in order to avoid disk concurrency violations.

2-  Hi,

It's been awhile since i last worked with VCS but you might want to
your heatbeat connections. If i recall, when i lost both heatbeats
then the system would panic. 

Good luck,
Mike Hong

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Has anyone face this problem:
Solaris 2.6
Veritas Cluster 1.1.1

 panic[cpu3]/thread=0x3025be80: GAB: Port h halting system due to
network failure
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