SUMMARY: NIS Startup script ?

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Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 09:47:12 EDT
Dear Managers,

Thanks for your prompt responses.

Broun, Bevan
Sean Quaint
Darren Dunham
Glass, David
Mr Rene Occelli
Timon, John

Maybe i didnt phrase my question too well, but almost everyone suggested
ypstop, and ypstart. (This is a new non-standard map that i was trying
make sure the clients see, and mount the appropriate directories)

The clients were able to see the new map without me doing anything. They
were able to mount the new dirs after i restarted autofs. (as rightly
suggested by Rene Occelli.

Does anyone know why a non-standard map needs to be copied over to the
slave server the first time and does not get 'yppush'.

Many Thanks,


My original question

> Hey Gurus,
> If i add(not change) a non-standard map  to my NIS server. What will i
> need to restart on my clients to propagate the changes ?
> I dont want to reboot all my clients.
> I know that NIS initiaization is done in parts.
> Under /etc/init.d/, i looked at inetinit, rpc, inetsvc. Not sure what
> right order is.
> Your help is appreciated.
> Thanks Much.
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