SUMMARY: "Command not found" Message on Client - binary located on NFS

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 06:57:31 EDT
Everytime that I post to this list, it just confirms what everyone
already knows.  This list is the best.

Thanks to everyone who replied:
Robert Reynolds,
Darren Dunham
John Timon
Russ Poffenberger
Wesley Wannemacher
Frank Smith
Mr. Rene Occelli
Wade Stuart
Kai Poutrain
Michael Schulte
Nathan Dietsch
Patrick O'Reilly
Debbie Tropiano
M. Saqib
David Glass, and,
Dave Palomino

Ok, now the solution.  There were some great suggestions, I'll use Mr.
Rene Occelli's.


Sure it cannot works ..

On withey the systems looks for xfig which is /usr/local/bin/xfig and
could not find it because there is nothing in the local filesystem
in /usr/local/bin.
Remember that only /opt/local is shared and NOT /usr/local

Two solutions. 

1) move the entire  bin directory of /usr/local into /opt/local on

2) share on denali the /usr/local directory and mount it on withney


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Hello Managers:
        Three systems: denali, shasta and whitney (the customer has
thing for mountains), all SunBlade1000's running well patched Solaris
 NFS share defined on denali for /opt/local, to make commonly used
binaries available to clients (shasta and whitney).  Installed xfig on
denali using packages from sunfreeware.  The packages install in
/usr/local, the binary is /usr/local/bin/xfig, there is an symlink
/opt/local/bin/xfig->/usr/local/bin/xfig.  While logged into denali,
problem, when you do a "which xfig" it points to /opt/local/bin/xfig
the application runs fine.  Now, log into either whitney or shasta,
/opt/local is NFS mounted, /opt/local/bin is in the PATH.  If you do a
"ls /opt/local/bin/xfig" you can see it and yet when you do a "which
xfig" or try to execute the application (even fully qualified), no joy
(command not found).  Any help is greatly appreciated.  

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