SUMMARY: Experiences with MS Exchange required

From: Ian Camm <>
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 06:14:14 EDT
Apologies for the very late summary.

Many months ago I asked for the above. I got lots of replies, thanks to all
of you, but have since been involved with office relocations, redundancies,
internal job change and various other projects that took priority of this.

Most replies of of the "don't touch it" variety. With quite a few people
actually having installed Exchange and then thrown it out again. Some people
were happy with their installations.

I am still being heavily pushed down this route by our new MD and our Finance
Director as it the corporate standard. However, I still haven't found a
Solaris client that use all of the features that they want to put Exchange in
for (ie corporate address book and shared calendering). I can do email with
any number of clients (Netscape, Dtmail etc) but can find no clients that
work with Exchange 5.5 (corporate standards again :-( ). I am aware of Ximian
but that only supports Exchange 2000.

I would love to give them one of the alternative servers but the options
seem to be Exchange or no change.

Oh well. I am still fighting to keep this out. Atleast until we can get a
decent, fully featured, Exchange client for Solaris. The only blessing in
all of this is that I will never have to manage or be responsible for the
Exchange system. That is going to be managed by another division if we

Thanks again to everyone who sent me responses all that time ago.

Best regards,

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