SUMMARY: A5000 max drive size supported

From: Leslie Connally <>
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 13:42:34 EDT
First, thank you to all who replied !

A5000 _will_ support 36 GB FC drives

One of you pointed out all 14 drives must be same size.. cant mix disk sizes!

Many of you suggested or stressed that there is firmware and patches for:

the Interface Board (IB)
the Drives themselves  (AND yes, they must be SUN FW drives to patch :-(
the Host Controller (inc Sun & QLogic)

and that the upgrades are often necessary to proper operation.

Documentation I found also pointed out there is often a proper order of

Each OS seems to have its own set of patches too

It quickly became apparent these units are a pain. But sort of a cheap and
neat FC closetspace, esp with the nice touchpad!..

Thanks everyone
Les Connally

original message:
>As associate bought a 14-drive A5000 with 9GBs, and was surprised when it
>wouldnt recognize/or accept (not sure of specific reaction.. "it doesn't
>like them" he said) _36_GB drives.
>Anyone know:
>Is there a NVRAM/FW/EEPROM upgrade for it?
>Whats the biggest drive officially supported? (18s?? not 9's I hope!)
>14 drive same as 22 drive models?
>Is it an eeprom thing? or a power thing like the old SSAs not liking  >2GB
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