SUMMARY: Sun interface

From: Dan Barnes <>
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 16:12:11 EDT

Okay, most of you had it. It IS an hme card. When I
tried plumbing hme0 after doing the ol' touch
/reconfigure and boot -r it said bad file number. I
looked to make sure I had the drivers with 
grep hme /var/sadm/install/contents and hme was in
there with the SUNWcsu package which of course had
better be installed. What I NEEDED was the SUNWhmd and
SUNWhmdx packages. 

BTW anyone know why these are STILL called SBus
Adapter Drivers?? Everything is PCI now.

- db

I've added a second Sun network interface to a
SunBlade 100 and Solaris won't recognize it. The
original card is of course eri0. I'm not sure what it
would call it. The card is just a Sun 100 Base-TX
card. I'm running Solaris 8 10/01. I've looked in
/etc/path_to_inst and it eri. I've tried plumbing eri1
but it reports no such interface. Anyone got any ideas
on this one?

Your help is as always greatly appriciated!

- db
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