Summary: Questions about Solaris 9?

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 20:40:13 EDT
Thanks to many people responding from the list (too
many to list, but you know who you are)

Here are the links which answer many of the questions
about Solaris 9 OE:

Solaris 9 new features comparison charts:

As Hichael Morton <> summarizes it: lists the answers for all of these solaris 9
questions, and sells the product.
Thanks, Hichael

Original question follows:

What is Solaris 9? what are the new features worth
upgrading from Solaris 8? Is it very stable? faster?
Are there any new goodies that come with it such as
StarOffice, new Gnome etc..
Has anybody tried download the binary from Sun?
Does the new OS require a much bigger system disk?
Does it break programs currently running in Solaris 8?
How are the new Volume manager s/w and Star office 6?
Any new enhancement to sendmail (such as anti-spams)?
Does it work well with Oracle?
How do you order the new CD & full doc from Sun?
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