SUMMARY: What to buy for a serial port on an Ultra-10

From: Boothby Don <>
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 12:20:00 EDT
Thanks to the (quick and knowledgable) people who helped me with this

The replies that helped out the most pointed out that Ultra-10's have a
second serial connection that I can use.  This was pointed out by Russ
Poffenberger and Alex Stade.  THANKS SO MUCH!  I also received replies that
showed me where to get additional serial port information.  I have included
that information in case others are interested.  Thank you for all your
information.  I will keep it in case I need more information.  I'm sure
there are lurkers and searchers who will also profit from the information.

Here are all the replies:  (Note:  I have edited the replies deleting
greetings, signatures, and extra white space.  I also reformatted replies to
fit into my two categories.)
First part (advising me of the second serial port)::
Russ Poffenberger []:
An Ultra-10 has TWO serial ports. One is a standard DB25, the other a DB9,
may just need a DB9 cable or adapter to use it.
Alex Stade []:
An Ultra-10 should come with two serial ports, one DB9 and one DB25.
Unless you're using both, you shouldn't need to buy any card to use two
serial ports for modems.
Second part (advising me of hardware solutions and giving me the answer to
my question as asked)::
Russ Poffenberger []:
If you need more than two ports, then check out the web site
for a comprehensive list of manufacturers that make PCI boards. I am sure
are some that make boards with Solaris drivers.

Another vendor is Their P-0002 is a dual serial controller
Tim Evans []:
Look for their PCI-compatibility list.
Raby, Kenny G []:
Although I have never used one it looks like this might be what you want
(bit of an overkill maybe):


The systems handbook will help with things like this since they will list
various components/options:
Jay Lessert []:
If you do a search on for "pci serial expansion", you end up
somewhere around:

The historical Sun vendors are Antares, Aurora & Magma, I've used
Antares and Magma myself w/no problems.  Digi has historically been a
Windows/Linux solution (and they dominate that marketplace), but they
support Sparc/Solaris also.
Yuan Lu []:
We use a SUN serial Asynchronous Interface PCI Adapter called SAI/P, 
which have 8 ports. It works great for us. The part number is X2156A.
Just type SAI in the search box, you will get the result.
John T. Douglass []:
I've not used them in a while but:
used to sell serial boards for Sun's (both Sbus and PCI, supported
Solaris).  They specialized in multiport boards (2, 4, 8, 16 ports).
Scott Howard []:
There's an 8-port serial PCI card available.  I think the part number is
X2156A, but I could be wrong...
============ for modem/serial info.

you should be able to run a modem faster than 9.6 on a sun serial port.
Juergen Waiblinger []:
works fine

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Subject: What to buy for a serial port on an Ultra-10

I have an Ultra-10 which is running a program that uses a modem (at 9600bps)
to download EDI data.  The modem is in use all the time and is basically
saturated.  So, I would like to buy a serial card for the same Ultra-10 to
be used to connect up another modem and be able to transfer data to other
EDI customers simultaneously.  I have been looking for the card on the Sun
web site, but I haven't been able to find it.  Or I just don't know what to
look for.  (I'm not very hardware literate as you can probably tell by the

Can someone provide me with a place to get started looking this information

Thanks for reading,
...Don Boothby
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