Summary: Urgent: Sunfire V880 down

From: Neil Hunt <>
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 01:37:03 EDT
Thanks to the two people that replied, the problem was that Veritas had
changed (or more likely me, inadvertantly) the location of the root dev.
After changing (after lots of experimentation) the boot-device to
disk3:e I managed to boot it.  Oracle is now installed, and I can hand
it over quite happily tomorrow morning.
I then installed the T1 using Solstice DS (which I use in house here)
and configured it all very quickly.  Lesson is, make sure the pre-sales
guy (not me) sells the client software that the engineer (me) knows.
Fortunalty, I'll be doing the Sun based pre-sales from now on.
Thanks to:
John Eisenschmidt <>

Original message:

> G'day,
> I've just spent all today installing Veritas Volume manager (first
> on a V880.  After encapsulating the root volume, and setting up other
> volumes, I rebooted as the instructions said, and it won't boot.  It
> comes up to the boot device: ... prompt after the prom and just hangs
> there.
> I have changed the PROM to boot disk0, and it does the same thing.
> probe-scsi-all detects all 6 disks, but when I do a boot cdrom -s, and
> then run format, no disks are detected.
> Can anyone please help? This system needs to go into production by
> Monday (it's now 7pm Saturday in Perth), and I still need to install
> configure Oracle for them.
> Thanks, I will summarize
> Neil
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