SUMMARY: Restricted shell access?

From: Giovanni Navarrette <>
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 10:38:30 EDT
Hey everyone:

Sorry for taking soo long to get this summary out. Here is what I got back
from everyone (and THANKS for all of the suggestions =D ):

Restricted bourne SHell: (man -s 1m rsh)
Restricted ksh (rksh)
pdksh (Public Domain Korn Shell) available from
chrooted bash link
  Some links for creating a chrooted SSH environment:

   Chrooting All Services in Linux

   Chroot in Solaris

One thing that was noted by many that perl could be used to bypass the
security and run commands with the system() call. So I'll have to work on
that one...., but I can restrict shell access with the methods above. I'm
going to try the pdksh shell and see how far I can go with that. 

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, have a g'day.

Giovanni Navarrette
USLink Internet Systems Administrator
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