SUMMARY: hp printer servers

From: Adam Bisbe <>
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 19:53:36 EDT
It's a late summary, but I have not tried everything:

This is the answer from <> which is the one I have used:
The SOLe118.PKG kit includes the HPNPL package, which works on Solaris 2.6 and
up. (I'm using on 7 and 8; haven't tried it on 9 yet.) This package does
include a program that talks to port 9000 in the proper way (and uses SNMP
as a secondary channel for printer status queries). It should be enough for
most of your needs. In some ways it's better than its predecessor (no more
hpnp daemon running in the background).

A few tasks, such as firmware upgrades and EtherTalk configuration, require
tools that are only available for other platforms. I believe you can do most
things with Jet WebAdmin on either Windows or Linux. The EtherTalk stuff
still requires MacOS, as far as I know.
 Matthew Stier suggested:
Use the 'lpadmin' command to define your printer.

The printer model 'netstandard' has been available since SunOS 5.6, and can
easily print to tcp port 9100.
Riddoch, John suggested:
It might be worth looking at CUPS ( which can print directly to
HP printers.  It works very well, and gives full options for printing duplex
I have done it also, just compiled cups, but not yet installed.

Original Question -------------------------
> I have some servers (from 2.5.2 to 8) working with hp print servers, all of
> them with jetadmin software installed, everything works fine (with your
> help from time to time), but now, installing a new server (t1 with solaris
> 8) I realize that hp does no longer distribute the jetadmin software.
> Can someone explain me how Sun and Hp expect those servers to be installed?
> The old jetadmin software?, ftp to port 9000?, lpd remote printer?.
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