SUMMARY: Selective failure running "at" jobs

From: Dennis Martens <>
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 23:02:48 EDT
Original Post:

Some users who submit jobs using the at command, cause the following message
in /var/cron/log:
CMD: job_no.a
! bad user (user_name) date_time_stamp

Other users are fine.
I have checked at.allow and at.deny - they are not the problem. I have used
pwck and grpck and they do not show any problems with the passwd and group
files.It does not seem to be a login problem - I can su to these users and
execute commands ( su - user -c command).
I have submitted a simple at job as 5 different users, and 2 of them fail as
above. We can see no reason why these 2 logins should be different from the
We are running Solaris 8 patched to 108528-13
Nothing in the archives. I did find a note posted in another group last year
with exactly the same problem, but no summary was posted. Anyone see this


Thanks to Ray Brownrigg,
                 Paul Richards
                 Mike Moehlman
                 Mike Scott
                     for suggesting that (a) the username was too long - No it
wasn't, and (b) that the password had expired.

                 Yes it had. Being an account that we really only su to, it
caught us unawares when someone tried running an at
                 job, and the password expiry had kicked in. Thanks for the

                 Thanks also to K Sudhakar in Bangalore, who had posted the
same question last year. I contacted  him and he
                 also gave me the answer.

Thanks all.

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