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From: Bill Fenwick <>
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 16:27:09 EDT
As usual, the list comes through... thanks to Steve Devine who jogged my 
memory with the following:

>Check /etc/pam.conf 
>We had the same situation after we edited it to allow afs auth.
I had forgotten that I had started installing afs on this machine and 
had changed pam.conf as part of the installation.  I undid the changes 
and everything's OK.

Original message:

> Running Solaris 8 (4/01) on an E250...
> I don't think this was always the case, but I've just discovered that 
> any user who logs in on the console terminal for this machine doesn't 
> need a password.  Any ID in the passwd file or available through NIS 
> (the machine is an NIS client) can be used to log in, and simply by 
> pressing Return at the Password: prompt, they're in.  Password 
> protection seems to work correctly for telnet, ftp, rsh, and so forth. 
> (fortunately!)
> The one thing I did do was edit /etc/default/login and change 
> SLEEPTIME to shorten the amount of time before "Login incorrect" pops 
> up after a bad login attempt... but I set this back to the default 
> with no effect.
> Any ideas what I should look for here?  I apologize if this is some 
> ridiculous RTFM question; I tried to find mention of this in various 
> pieces of documentation but didn't really know what to look it up under.
> TIA and IWS.

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